5 things you should know before selecting an Invisalign Provider

There are likely many doctors in your area that provide Invisalign to straighten teeth, but how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are the top 5 things to consider when selecting a doctor.

1. Are they an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists that trained for an additional 2-3 years in residency to specialize in the science of straightening teeth. Orthodontists use this strong foundation in principles of tooth movement in order to best utilize Invisalign as a tool to straighten teeth. Remember, it’s not the Invisalign moving your teeth, but the doctor.

2. Are they experienced in Invisalign?

This can be determined by how many cases of Invisalign a provider has completed, which is conveniently shown on the Invisalign doctor locator. Providers are ranked in tiers from Bronze to Diamond based off of the number of cases that office has completed that year.

3. What type of equipment and technology does the office use?

Certain technologies can make the Invisalign treatment process much more streamlined for the patient. Digital x-rays can be read by doctor immediately after taking them. The radiation dose is also much lower than older film x-rays. Digital intraoral scanners take 3D models and bites of the patient’s teeth in minutes, and are much more comfortable, and are more accurate than the traditional impressions used to fabricating Invisalign trays.

4. How close is the provider to your home, school, or work?

Convenience can be a factor when determining which provider to use. Occasional office visits ranging between 1 to 3 months are needed to prepare the teeth and check on the status of the treatment.

5. Does the office atmosphere make you feel comfortable?

Invisalign treatments can take over a year, and it is important to choose an office where you feel at home and where you are confident you are receiving great care.

If you were able to check off these 5 factors for your future invisalign provider, then you can rest assured that your treatment is in good hands.

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