Dark Triangles

No…we’re talking about these guys:

Dark Triangles are what Orthodontists call the gap between teeth that can ruin even the most planned Instagram photo op.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not caused by the teeth being spaced apart, but rather the gums not being able to fill in that space.  If you look closely in between each of your teeth, there is a triangle of gum tissue we call the “interdental papilla”.  Having this is a sign of health gum and bone support of your tooth.  However, if the gums are receding, or crowded teeth are aligned to the point where gums are not used to sitting in between the teeth, an unsightly dark triangle can appear.

Never fear, the Orthodontist is here!  Here at Yu Orthodontics in Gaithersburg, we can diminish the appearance of dark triangles by flattening the contact in between teeth and moving the teeth closer together with braces or Invisalign so that the dark triangle doesn’t show.

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