Top 5 problems caused by crooked teeth

It’s not just about looks! Crooked teeth can affect more than just your looks…

1. Poor oral hygiene

Those with crowded teeth know, it can be a pain to brush and floss around them properly or even at all. The plaque and bacteria that subsequently build up can cause gum disease or even cavities.

2. Tooth wear

If a tooth is crooked, it can be worn down by the bite over time, leading to oddly shaped teeth that don’t function as well. It could also lead to trauma that affects the stability of the tooth itself.

3. Jaw and muscle pain

Crooked teeth can cause you to bite in a forced manner that adds stress to your jaws and muscles. Life is stressful enough without this!

4. Speech problems

When teeth are not in the right place, it can become difficult to properly pronounce words. This is especially troublesome for vocalists and public speakers.

5. Bad breath

All the bacteria that hides out in between crooked teeth eventually leads to bad breath, what could be more embarrassing?

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