Vivera retainers

Orthodontics can create nice and straight smiles, but after the braces are taken off, the teeth will move back to their original position if left to their own devices. This is why we strongly urge our patients to wear their retainers to ensure a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Vivera retainers are popular in our office for a number of reasons. They are clear, which makes the retainer much more esthetic when worn in public. Also, the come with 4 duplicate sets of retainers. So when the dog gets to them, or they get left on the lunch tray never to be seen again, the next retainer is ready to go before the teeth have a chance to shift.

The Vivera retainers themselves are strong, durable, comfortable, and look quite nice to boot. They are made by Invisalign, which claims 2x the durability and 30% more retention strength over other retainer materials.

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