Vivera retainers

Orthodontics can create nice and straight smiles, but after the braces are taken off, the teeth will move back to their original position if left to their own devices. This is why we strongly urge our patients to wear their retainers to ensure a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Vivera retainers are popular in Read More

Orthodontics and TMJ Disorders

Disorders of pain in the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) can range from a minor annoyance to debilitating pain. The cause of discomfort is very difficult to diagnose and is often multifactorial. Because of the severity and difficulty in treatment, sufferers often seek the professional advice of numerous medical specialties including Physical Therapists, dentists, Pain specialists, ENT Read More

Ancient tooth fillings

Dentistry may have been around longer than we thought. The need for treating teeth has certaintly been around. Anthropologists have taken a closer look at 6,500 year old human remains from Slovenia and found evience of tooth fillings (made out of Beeswax!). Another interesting note is that by today’s standards, this individual had excessive attrition Read More

Gummy Smiles

Ever watch TV or movies and notice that one of the actors and actresses show a lot of gums when they smile? This is something we as orthodontists consider when we are treatment planning as braces can either increase or decrease gum display on smiles, depending on what the patient’s goal is. A normal, attractive Read More

Expanders Galore

Occasionally, we as orthodontists find patients with a narrow upper jaw. This causes the relationship of the upper and lower teeth to be out of sync, leading to potential problems with the jaw joints and how you bite. Constant chewing and eating with a crossbite can lead to excess wear of the teeth and even Read More

Down with Headgear!

Can you ditch the Headgear? The Carrier appliance might be an alternative! Often people go to the orthodontist to address an “overbite” or an “underbite”. These malocclusions appear when either the upper or lower teeth are too far back or forward. Traditionally, headgear appliances were the standard of care to treat overbites and underbites, but Read More

Dark Triangles

No…we’re talking about these guys: Dark Triangles are what Orthodontists call the gap between teeth that can ruin even the most planned Instagram photo op.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not caused by the teeth being spaced apart, but rather the gums not being able to fill in that space.  If you look closely in between Read More

Top 5 problems caused by crooked teeth

It’s not just about looks! Crooked teeth can affect more than just your looks… 1. Poor oral hygiene Those with crowded teeth know, it can be a pain to brush and floss around them properly or even at all. The plaque and bacteria that subsequently build up can cause gum disease or even cavities. 2. Read More

Retainer Crew 4 Life

  Let’s get this STRAIGHT.  After working so hard to get those teeth perfect, we want to make sure that they stay that way. That is why we always give retainers at the end of orthodontic treatment. Tooth position ages just like the rest of the body, we call this “relapse”.  Retainers are a way Read More

Invisalign Attachments

You came into the orthodontist’s office excited to try in your new Invisalign trays to get that straight smile you have wanted since you were in middle school. Soon the snaggle tooth struggle will be no more, and the doctor said braces weren’t even needed! How sweet is that?! The doctor shows you a digital Read More