Can math explain how teeth are supposed to look?

Could it be possible that math can explain something as subjective as the perfect smile? The “Golden Ratio” is number used to describe an occurence when the ratio of two numbers is the same as the ratio between the sum of those two numbers with the larger of the two. This number is often shorthanded to 1.618 and has been used to describe many natural occurances such as the spiral of a seashell or the proptions of an ant.

But can this same ratio be applied to human teeth? Some have theorized that the perfect smile has larger central incisors which visually take up as much space as the smaller lateral incisors in proption to the Golden Ratio. However, there has been some disagreement among dentists about what the ideal visual proption between these two teeth should really be, creating an everlasting search for the best and most attractive smile. One thing is for sure though, your orthodontist is taking this into consideration everytime they evaluate your smile.

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